Presentation Guideline

Oral presentation
  • Length of oral presentation material should be in accordance to your time assigned, 25 min for invited talk and 20 min for oral presentation, including questions and discussion.
  • Presenters should prepare the presentation file in MS-PowerPoint in English.
  • If you use fonts other than standard Windows Office 2010 fonts, please bring the font files themselves with the presentation file.
  • Please bring your PowerPoint presentation file on a CD or USB memory stick and submit it to the operator of each presentation room at least 10 minutes before each session starts. The operator will load the presentation files to the laptop PC.
  • It is strongly discouraged to bring your own laptop computer (especially Apple iMac laptop) unless your presentation requires any special software and/or hardware.
  • If you would like to use any other A/V equipment, please inform us no later than October 20, 2019.
Interactive Poster presentation
  • Each poster will be assigned a panel, which has its own paper’s number, at the poster room.
  • Each poster should include the paper title, authors, affiliation, and paper number and must fit within a 1.2m x 1.8m space.
  • The poster text including the paper title should be printed and enlarged, so that it can be read from a distance of at least 2 meters.
  • Poster presenters are required to prepare their own poster materials in advance and post their presentations by 11 a.m. to expose their poster to the attendees as much as possible.
  • Please remove your poster within 1 hour after your session is ended. All remaining posters will be discarded. The materials such as some scissors and tapes will be provided in Poster Session Place.